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Why Targeto ?

What is people-based marketing

People-based Marketing

It is a game-changing data-driven marketing technique to target real people at the right time with the relevant message. Providing more personalized and immediate brand experiences to your customers requires connecting with real people rather than devices. People-based Marketing is a perfect answer to the difficulties currently associated with digital marketing methods.

Email Based Retargeting

Cookieless Retargeting

Today marketers rely on cookies to fulfill their retargeting need. We offer you an omnichannel solution by using customer's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as email addresses and phone numbers to serve them personalized ads based on their preferences.

Targeto has now evolved

We are a data-driven, People based advertising agency
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No Annoying Ads

No annoying ads

Using people-based marketing and email-based targeting helps you deliver personalized ads to each prospect. Show ads to people to whom they are meant for while saving a lot of ad dollars. People will only see ads that are relevant to them and hence more chances of them converting into customers.

Targeting people not Devices

Targeting people, not devices

Marketers need to understand that people buy products, not devices. So, focusing on people will give them more ROI instead of wasting ad dollars on targeting devices. Unleash the power of deterministic data for retargeting with great precision. This is what people-based marketing is all about.


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