WTF is People-based Targeting?

People Based Targeting

People-based targeting is an advertising technique that targets people rather than devices.

Here, people are retargeted through their consensually given data like email or phone and not vague pixel-based cookies.

How does it work?

People-based targeting is a methodology in which through consensually obtained behavioristic data an audience persona is created, to understand the intent of the person. This helps in targeting the said person with ads according to their need and taste only.

We let you onboard your CRM data on our platform that which will be received to us in hashed values. Which then will be matched with the big online database of major ad networks to create a wished-for matched audience list.

With this matched audience list we allow you look-alike modelling process that will beget you further more a wider audience of your choosing.

Why should you consider using People-based Targeting?

  • Tracking entire journey of customers, across devices.
  • Maintaining Customer Loyalty
  • Precise identification of Prospects
  • Removing the possibility of ad frauds
  • Resourcefully using ad dollars
  • Result-oriented changes in ad campaigns through Advance Reports.

People-based Marketing tool that bridges the gap between potential and loyal customers

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