People-based Marketing

People-based Marketing

People-based marketing is a perfect answer to the difficulties currently associated with digital marketing methods. It would avail us to know its importance by understanding how it has solved these problems.

The Problems with traditional digital marketing

All the problems which rendered traditional marketing method ineffective can be traced to the technique of using web cookies and drawing upon assumption to identify potential customers.

Cookies are meant especially for a specific device and the browser used by that device. And, they can be deleted by the user or blocked by anti-virus or hampered in its operations by the incompatibility of a browser.

The Solution people-based marketing offers

The key element behind the success of people-based marketing is the customer list consisting of first-party data like phones and emails that you as a business already possess.

The availability of phones and emails allows us to target audience with greater precision. Not just that, but it also facilitates the task of tracking their cross-network journey as well.

The advantages accrued from the use of this method are sterling. These include:

  • Targeting pre-existing contacts
  • Unerring identification of potential customers
  • Saving time and money by removing the possibility of ad frauds
  • Orientation achieved for running targeted ad campaigns
  • Improved ROI.

This, then, is why people-based marketing is fast gaining ground at present.

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