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About us

About us

We are experts in programmatic advertising aiming to suffice our customers’ holistic campaign management needs with dedicated focus on strategic planning of their advertising spend.

What we do

We help materialize your advertising ideals


People-based Marketing

Through people-based marketing approach we generate desired reachability and brand receptivity for brands and SMBs.

Wider Reach

We believe that our adapted people based methodology is the only viable framework for your customers to get an audience they deserve.

Manage Media spend

We specialize in strategic planning of media spending rather than being a beta type advertising conglomerate.

Give Optimum ROIs

We give optimum leverage to data to generate better ROIs thus justifying every ad dollar in a PPC campaign

how we do

We hit the right target at the right time in a right way

We use programmatic approach as a revenue driver and to create audience personas for precise targeting as well as an untethered reach.

Why we do

Why we do

We value and empathize with you

As a data-driven paid campaign agency we aim in giving the widest and precise reach and the best ROI to the SMBs and brands through PPC campaigns.

how do we do it

If you want to get your entire ad campaign managed in a data-driven manner, let us help you

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Campaign Management

We centrally manage your client's
entire ad campaign, with hawk-eyed
focus on media spend

Yahoo Partner

We are an official Yahoo Partner
with experts qualified in
Google Analytics

We constantly optimize our
customer’s account with regards
to KPI and strategize in accordance
to get best ROIs for every ad dollar

We have created a tool that inculcates
all our customer’s people based need.
And that has given us an in-depth
knowledge on network APIs.

We Programmatic technology to better
use behavioristic data and generate
even better results.

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