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Getting customers for your product is important for the growth of your business. All you need to do is identify what your customers want and how to deliver it directly to your customers in a way that saves valuable money and gives maximum conversion rate. The window to get customer's attention becomes narrower day by day. If people don't find what they are looking for on your website, they leave. Companies don't realize it until it's too late as they frequently tend to overlook those aspects which are actually affecting their user reachability.


One of our clients, a SaaS-based company, was encountering a similar issue. They were getting people to signup, but their efforts to convert a larger percentage of them into paying customers were not fruitful. The company implemented various retargeting techniques leading to connecting with customers that were not interested in the product resulting lower conversion rate and wastage of ad dollars.


To achieve the greater results, making efforts in right direction with clear intent is highly desired.

When the company approached us for the solution, we figured out that their earlier remarketing strategies were focused on targeting devices their prospects were using. Internet cookies populate data based on the behavior of all the users of a device online, not actual customer information.This cookie-based retargeting approach was highly unreliable as ads by the sellers are often served individuals for whom they are not applicable to. Cookie based targeted ads get served to anyone on the internet who matches their loosely-based criteria.

After understanding the problem, we provided them a better solution - people-based marketing. Making use of deterministic customer data like email and phone to retarget them with great precision. The company uploaded contact list of prospects on our platform to retarget them where they spend most of their time online, i.e., Google search, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram. The retargeting ad campaign was run on Facebook and Google AdWords using Targeto's centralized platform which enabled them to retarget prospects on desktops as well as mobile devices and provided a detailed report regarding customer conversions from each network. With our help, our client was able to retarget prospective customers with great precision and deliver the relevant message to real people at the right time. Our "Tap-to-Call" CTA for mobile devices facilitated customers contact the company directly.


On implementing people-based retargeting using our platform, the conversion rate was 30%, the highest among any of the company’s digital remarketing efforts and we helped them save lots of ad dollars.

Once the retargeting campaign was successful, we did not stop there. The company could still get more customers for their services, and that was exactly what we did. Use of Google Similar Audiences and Facebook Lookalike Audiences helped them target more customers having identical user behavior same as the prospects. With this small addition in their retargeting strategy, our client got a boost in conversion rate by 250%.

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