AdWords Customer Match

Google Customer Match

This is your gateway to retarget your customer across Google. Here you can make use of emails customers use to signup for your services or for getting more information.

Using our platform, you just upload your contact list (email or phone), and we will provide you with matched contacts from Google. Later you can create an ad campaign to show retargeting ads to all the matched customers that are Google users.

Whenever your customer will sign-in to their Google account, your ads will be shown to them on Gmail as well as on Google Search. Your data is completely secure as we use SHA-256 encryption to encrypt your contact list. Google also uses SHA-256, and your customer is matched using the encrypted data not the uploaded email or phone number.

On Gmail, reach your customers or a similar audience with personalized ads at the top of their inbox tabs.

On the Search Network, optimize your campaigns by adjusting your bid based on what you know about your customers’ activities.

People-based Marketing tool that bridges the gap between potential and loyal customers

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