CRM onboarding: Leverage the Power of your offline data

CRM onboarding: Leverage the Power of your offline data

For years, companies create a unique wealth of customer data in their CRM systems. While, this is a vital asset for CRM, it is very important to connect the dots and match this data with the online profiles. Else, individualized marketing can not happen.

CRM onboarding brings the offline data online, facilitating marketers to activate their first party data on advertising marketing platforms.

Offline First Party Data

The offline first party data is the data set of customers you own. This data could be collected via customer interaction, website or user supplied information. Sources include CRM, loyalty program, contact center and partner relationship management. Various platforms will help you make the most use of this data for advertising through email and phone numbers.

How it Works?

Customer data is uploaded and hashed our proprietary platform through a secure process.

CRM onboarding syncs this data and uses it for digital marketing, facilitating people based marketing, customer reactivation and CRM Retargeting.

Where will you use?

Personalized Targeting

Personalize the advertising message according to the customer’s prime interest with one-to-one marketing. This process facilitates personal interaction.

CRM Display

Use existing customer and prospect list to build full-fledged targeted display campaigns according to their purchase history.

Customer Re-Engagement

Make the inactive customers active again. These are the past clients with whom you have not communicated recently; Re-engage them with attractive online displays.


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