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Who are we?

Targeto is a powerful tool designed to simplify the task of managing your marketing endeavors across Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Yahoo Gemini Ads from a centralized web interface. All you need is email or phone to be uploaded on our platform to establish 1:1 cross-channel interactions between marketers and consumers. The result is consumer loyalty, great customer experience, and increased ROI.

Our Mission

Our mission is to say adieu to the traditional mode of marketing which targets the mass. Rather we look forward to individualize our appeal to the custom audience through personalized campaign. In other words, we still deal with the 'mass' market but on individual level. The purpose behind following this route is to foster greater customer loyalty and better return on investment.

Our Vision

Create intuitive, cloud-based infrastructure incorporating the strengths of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to scale data-driven marketing decisions and take all relevant actions pertaining to marketing on the level which is far beyond the capacity of any person. AI will bring more reliability to the platform and will make retargeting the most popular form of online marketing.

A word from our CEO

Jay Thakkar

As the era of cookie-based marketing is dying, marketers need to shift their focus to people before it is too late. That is exactly what we are offering with Targeto, a Cross-Channel 1:1 Retargeting platform. Our centralized platform benefits both marketers and customers alike as we help marketer serve targeted ads to the existing as well as prospective customers with great precision and in turn customers see ads that are only relevant to them.

Jay Thakkar
CEO & Founder

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